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Mindset & Wellbeing Program for schools.

Alive’s Get Real Institute brings interactive wellbeing training directly into your school.

This program allows students to discover their full potential and support the mental health, positive mindset and emotional wellbeing of students, families and teachers.

Alive’s Get Real Institute puts good mindset and resilience scaffolding in place to support students, families and teachers.

Wellbeing is such a crucial skill set for student’s academic success; our courses build the blocks of their mind and helps grow resilience and peak performance in all areas of life.

What is the Get Real Institute?

Get Real Institute is a 12 month online Healthy Mindset and Wellbeing Program developed to address key issues facing our young people including the mental health crisis, stress, anxiety, bullying, and healthy boundaries around social media and use of technology.

The online program consists of 10 courses (Life Hacks) delivered in engaging videos and accompanying activities and worksheets. Developed from 12 years of experience delivering groundbreaking workshops in schools and coaching thousands of young people.

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Who is your instructor?

Get Real Institute Creator and Instructor Tamsyn Rose is also the Founder of Get Real International and ALIVE project, Australia’s leading Wellbeing, Youth and Family supports services.

ALIVE worked with over 65 000 students in 62 schools and 350 sporting clubs across Australia, supporting over 500 families and individuals in 2019.

An internationally recognized expert in mental and emotional health, Tamsyn has been revolutionizing how we understand emotional resilience and empowerment for over 15 years, and changed the way young people live, engage and lead in their communities.

What students learn?

  • Handle stress, anxiety, and bad experiences better.
  • Manage time, set effective goals, & understand their values.
  • Regulate emotional highs and lows.
  • Mange behaviour challenges, motivation dips, feeling off track and down.
  • How to change negative self-talk, beliefs and patterns that limit opportunities.
  • Deal with bullying and overcome trauma.
  • Communicate better & resolve conflict.
  • PLUS helping teachers get the reigns back in their hands to grow successful, happy children who know who they are.


  • HACK #1 – Get the Mind on your Side: Stress management and changing beliefs to work for you.
  • HACK #2 – Invest in Yourself: Values, time management and decide who you are going to be.
  • HACK #3 – In Your Flow: Design your life one goal at a time, motivation and action plans.
  • HACK #4 – Fire your Inner Critic: Harness the power of your mind and change negative mindset.
  • HACK#5 – There is Nothing Wrong With How You Feel: Emotional resilience and dealing with varying peak emotional states.
  • HACK #6 – Better Out Than In: Empowered communication skills and conflict resolutions.
  • HACK #7 – Way More than just a Bucket List: Self-assessment tools, self care and balance.
  • HACK #8 – Finish with the Game Changers: Tools to move on from the past, building resilience, self-confidence and esteem.
  • HACK #9 – Confidence Comes from Experience: Skills to grow confidence through experience. You gotta work it!
  • HACK #10 – Be Your Own Cheer Squad: Using the power of affirmations and the mind to ‘change your state’, create opportunity and seize success.

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